A world-class voice assistant out of the box

Cerence ARK

Cerence ARK

An industry-leading, intuitive voice solution...pre-packaged and ready to go

Today, more half of U.S. adults have used voice in their vehicles; it is now an expected part of the driving experience for many. As automakers are forced to innovate at unprecedented speeds to meet these expectations, Cerence ARK Assistant allows OEMs to quickly develop and offer an exceptional experience and content for drivers and passengers with minimal customization.

Building on our deep expertise in speech recognition and automotive AI, it delivers a robust human-machine interface (HMI) with comprehensive voice-based AI capabilities for all major automotive platforms and operating systems. As an off-the-shelf solution, it can significantly reduce time to market and deliver value quickly.

With Cerence ARK Assistant, automakers can now create an exceptional, customized experience for their drivers and passengers with personalized access to everything from music and navigation to points of interest, news feeds, and more.

The solution bundles our industry-leading core voice assistant features, including speech recognition, natural language understanding, text-to-speech, broad domain and content coverage, and wake-up words.


Features and Benefits

Speech recognition: getting it right the first time

Cerence ARK Assistant provides access to the world’s leading speech recognition and natural language understanding. Out of the box, our assistant offers, not only the best accuracy, but also the best completion rates.

Voice output: The quality speaks for itself.

The world’s most natural, human-like voice output, known as Text-to-Speech (TTS), provides an immersive and interactive in-car experience for drivers and passengers.

Content and services: a concierge in your dashboard

Cerence supports the most popular domains, skills and content services to deliver a personal assistant experience. Looking for directions? Need to find a charging station? Want to hear Top-40 hits? All this and more are enabled by Cerence’s deep domain expertise.

Flexible and modular: make it your own

Cerence Drive combines embedded and cloud-based services to create a hybrid solution that maximizes access, protects data, and safeguards against connectivity interruptions—regardless of location or zone.

Vehicle integration: we know our way around a cockpit

Cerence has been building automotive voice assistants for more than two decades, so we know the ins and outs of vehicles. Cerence ARK Assistant is already trained to integrate with the hundreds of sensors, circuits and systems within a car. While other assistants on the market have to learn how to work in an auto environment, Cerence was born for this.

Data privacy: personal information is a new currency

Data is king in today’s information age, and there is no reason to give up personal customer information to your vendors to use for their financial gain. Cerence protects OEM and customer data and does not share it with third-party organizations.

Open for collaboration: we can all get along

Built for Android, but open to most other operating systems, Cerence ARK Assistant is truly interoperable. Rather than getting locked into a specific OS, Cerence offers OEMs the flexibility to choose the one that’s right for them—whether it’s QNX, Linux, LG, Microsoft or others.

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