Powering rich capabilities as the content engine for voice assistants

Cerence Drive

Cerence Drive

In-Car Voice Assistants to advance your brand with deep customization and AI

Cerence Drive is a robust, automotive-grade portfolio of products, services, toolkits, and innovations that enables the user experience of tomorrow in today’s cars. It understands individual preferences, personalizes entertainment, and executes complex, contextual commands. It can also find preferred parking, play users’ favorite songs, direct them to the gas stations with the best prices, and prioritizes the voices it needs to hear while muting the ones it doesn’t.  

Cerence supports automakers with capabilities that maximize the safety, productivity, and enjoyment of every customer journey, while elevating the identity of each unique brand. 

Developed in close partnership with OEMs all over the world, Cerence Drive supplies solutions and expertise that adapt seamlessly to your brand. Cerence supports your distinctive vision with an open platform that enables the look, feel, functions, configurability, content choices, and user experience (UX) available to be completely customized. 

The system is both embedded and cloud-based, which enables rapid functionality, uninterrupted connectivity, and elegant integration into your vehicles. It also offers the industry’s most natural, intuitive interactions, using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to become continuously more human. 

Cerence Drive Portfolio of Services

Conversational AI

Deliver a personalized experience that adapts to every context

Cognitive Arbitrator

Co-existence between virtual assistants, services, and content for today’s digital ecosystem.

Cerence ASR

The fastest, most accurate voice recognition on the planet

Cerence TTS

The world’s most natural, human-sounding voice synthesis on the market

Cerence Drive Domains

Powering rich capabilities as the content engine for voice assistants

In-Car Communications

An intercom system that improves speech quality and intelligibility of in-vehicle conversations

Speech Signal Enhancement

A comprehensive solution to improve hands-free speech communication and speech recognition results in noisy environments

Cerence Reader

A natural, expressive voice in the car to read the news to drivers on the go.

My Car My Voice

Voice clone solution that lets people create a custom voice – their own, a loved one or a friend – for their mobility assistant.

UX Services

A suite of evaluation and validation services that provide deep analysis and understanding of the in-car user experience (UX) and driver satisfaction.




Cerence Drive

Features and Benefits

The smartest assistant on the market

Cerence Drive delivers an effortless, unforgettable in-car experience. With it, users can manage content, access third-party services, and save their personal profiles. It not only knows which vehicle occupant is delivering commands, but also where he or she is sitting in the cabin. Finally, it learns each user’s preferences, drawing from diverse sources to personalize its recommendations.

Controls for the whole user ecosystem

With our smart home function and third-party services, users can activate their home alarms and turn on their office lights—all using voice in their car. Based on two types of powerful AI, our cognitive arbitrator integrates disparate assistants and services to make each car a control center for connected living, working, and mobility.

Improved safety through intelligence

Our AI-driven natural language understanding (NLU) yields a more intuitive dialogue with the mobility assistant, freeing drivers to stay focused on the road ahead. And, because Cerence Drive is integrated with the car’s HMI, it easily accesses sensors to address diagnostic information or to alert drivers when service is needed.

Best-in-class security and latency

Cerence Drive combines embedded and cloud-based services to create a hybrid solution that maximizes access, protects data, and safeguards against connectivity interruptions—regardless of location or zone.

Unrivaled innovation leadership

Cerence Drive is the #1 OEM partner in AI-optimized mobility solutions, improving the ride in 325+ million vehicles shipped globally. With our legacy of leadership in such solutions, we are a trusted partner to vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers around the world.

Excellence that keeps evolving

We never stop improving—and real-time data provides powerful insights into your customers’ preferences, evolving dramatically with each service update. What does this mean for drivers? More content. Better content. Managed connectivity. Selective third-party providers.

The solution is open—and the options abound

Don’t settle for out-of-the-box. Cerence Drive is an open solution that is ready for your brand signature. The options included abound—from 70+ languages, to hundreds of content domains, to a custom UX.

A platform free of external agendas

Trends, innovations, domains, and technologies come and go. The ability to outlive them—just as your car will—is one of the hallmarks of a truly independent platform. Unlike some competitors, we don’t have an agenda, and we’ll never use your customer data for any reason other than to make your systems better, faster, and more powerful.

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