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The most powerful, most intelligent AI assistant solutions for global mobility, Cerence offers a robust portfolio of products, services, toolkits, and innovations that brings tomorrow’s user experience to today’s mobility ecosystem.

As the car of the future takes hold, Cerence leads the way with a new era of in-car interaction: a multi-modal, deeply integrated, proactive, immersive companion that leverages the latest advancements in generative AI and large language models to accompany drivers throughout their daily journeys, delivering effortless interaction that keeps drivers safe, comfortable, productive, and informed.

Cerence Assistant

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Cerence Assistant is our core offering, a turnkey in-car assistant platform that empowers automakers and end users with an intuitive, AI-powered companion that can support drivers like never before. Cerence Assistant runs directly on a vehicle’s headunit, with advanced AI deeply integrated with car sensors and data to understand complex situations both inside the vehicle and around it. Serving as the central brain of the car, it flexibly and securely integrates edge technologies with cloud services to make driving more intuitive, connected, and enjoyable.

Cerence Assistant understands individual preferences, personalizes entertainment, and executes complex, contextual commands. It can also find preferred parking, play users’ favorite songs, direct them to the gas stations with the best prices, and prioritize the voices it needs to hear while muting the ones it doesn’t, maximizing the safety, productivity, and enjoyment of every customer journey.

Voice Assistant Activation: Wake Word and Just Talk

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Push-to-talk buttons have long been the standard ways that users begin their conversations with their assistants. As technology advances and voice assistants become more prevalent both inside and outside the car, we’re working with leading automakers and mobility OEMs to bring wake-up words to the car – think “Hey Mercedes.”

But what if your assistant could go a step further and simply knew you were talking to it – no button or “hey” required?

Enter Cerence Just Talk, AI-powered technology from Cerence that has the smarts to detect when drivers are talking to the assistant, and to keep quiet when they’re not. With Just Talk, drivers can simply begin speaking when they have a question or command for the assistant.

Natural Voice Input

A truly intelligent mobility assistant makes every interaction better, leaving users safer, more productive, and happier behind the wheel. But only those equipped with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) from Cerence will be intuitive enough to truly understand their users, going beyond speech recognition to the depths of true understanding and comprehension.

With natural language understanding and unmatched levels of voice recognition accuracy and performance, drivers can speak as their most natural selves – no more learning specific commands or entering an address in a prescribed, specific way.

Say “I’m cold,” and we’ll know to turn up the heat; say “Navigate to the Empire State building,” and we’ll start the route.

Human-Like Voice Output

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As the use of in-car voice assistants explodes, they have become an innovative point of differentiation. Mobility OEMs are looking for solutions that can deliver the most natural and human-like voice output quality, unlocking new use cases for their users.

With our advanced, neural net-based text-to-speech (TTS) technology, we’re bringing a stunningly human-like virtual personality into the car, delivering the voice output quality that drivers expect in the expanding world of virtual assistants. Our most advanced TTS engine is nearly indistinguishable from a human voice, including natural pausing and breathing and varying tonalities based on content.

Deep Content & Capabilities

Cerence Drive Domains are like apps or skills – packaged solutions that provide a rich, intelligent mobility assistant experience as the content and capability engine for the voice assistant.

Built with the automotive and mobility user top of mind, Cerence Drive Domains power everything you need for an intuitive, natural experience. That means innovative ASR and NLU technologies and integrations with leading content providers. A hybrid solution available on cloud and embedded platforms in a multitude of global languages.

With Cerence Drive Domains, the automotive assistant is ready to give directions, entertain, send messages, control in-vehicle functions, keep drivers connected and safe, and much more.

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