June 18, 2020

What truly delights people about their cars? Is it the powerful engine or maybe the gorgeous color they chose at the dealer? Is it the time-tested brand that it belongs to? It could be any of these things, but perhaps there’s also an emotional connection with the car that runs deeper than these features.

Indulge us for a moment: When you talk to a friend, what do your conversations sound like? Maybe you ask them for advice, reference lines from your favorite movie, or ask for recommendations for places to go. Many are now looking for a similar experience with their vehicles, especially given their dependence on smartphones and smart home systems.

If the possibility of taking the human-car relationship to the next level excites you, then Cerence Studio might just be the tool to help you create it. We put years of experience in building voice-based solutions into OEMs’ hands to create personal experiences for drivers that are truly unique to their brand.

Cerence Studio empowers developers to independently prototype, innovate and build cutting-edge conversational AI solutions in a cost-effective and agile manner. We allow them to easily add engaging experiences that are likely to create a strong bond between the brand and its customers. The platform hands them the reigns, but Cerence is there if needed through our various channels and support systems. 

When it comes to voice systems in the car, we understand that the most valuable aspect to a driver is to be able to talk naturally and feel understood. The aim is to have the technology adapt to the driver – not the other way around – and we offer incredible features that allow OEMs to do so.

We also know that we as people don’t always use sentences and words in specific formations to express ourselves, so why should we have to do that with a car? Cerence’s statistical NLU helps developers avoid the shortcomings of a grammar-only solution. Not only does this bolster understanding, but it does so in over 25 languages. So, the next time a developer wants to create a witty chatbot that spends more time on fun and interesting comebacks than trying to make sense of what the user just said – think statistical NLU.

Now, imagine that you’re talking about the news and want to change the subject to weather. You are unlikely to ask for the change, but rather would simply change the subject saying, "Hey, what’s the weather like today?" Drivers can do the same in the car by accessing the menu at the top level. Leave the arbitration to us, and let drivers interact with the car seamlessly.

Finally, people do. not. sound. like. robots. It’s not just important that the car understand the driver, but also that the car is able to respond in a way that feels natural and human-like. With Cerence Studio, OEMs can develop responses that are not only multi-turn, but also dynamic and contextual, all the while following language and grammar rules. With dynamic responses, OEMs can create living domains in which they can frequently change system responses by pushing constant updates to the cloud. Being able to dynamically change the system allows OEMs to create responses for specific holiday seasons as well as market current deals from the brand. 

OEMs can use Cerence Studio to define how they want users to experience a brand – whether it’s letting a driver ask what that blinking light on the panel means or telling a funny joke at the end of a busy workday. The choice is theirs. There so much more we could talk about, but, if you’re a developer, we’d love for you to experience it for yourself at https://developer.cerence.com

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