October 30, 2020

By Rocky Graziano

As New England poet Robert Frost once said, “you can’t get too much winter in the winter.” With the Cerence team preparing for what will likely be a winter like no other, what better time to share some of our team members’ unique hobbies and interests?

For Farha, an HR Business Partner in our Pune, India, office, the workday can sometimes be stressful or overwhelming, with lots of information and details to keep track of as she works to support one of our largest offices. She brings that same care and attention to detail to her passion outside of work, where she is an Arabic calligrapher and blogger. Check out some of her stunning works of art!


Keeping with our wintry theme, Rachel, a Principal Operations Analyst in our Montreal, Canada, office, takes to the slopes when she needs a break from the data, prioritizing self-care in these challenging times. Rachel is known at Cerence for her strong communication style, a skill that no doubt makes her successful in her hobby:

“If it’s Sunday and there is snow on the ground, odds are you will find me on a mountain. I’ve been teaching skiing for about 16 years now, and my specialty is teaching ‘never-evers’ – clients who have never skied in their adult lives. I feel so privileged to earn my clients’ trust every week and for playing a key role in them learning to embrace our beautiful Canadian winters. Instead of working so hard to resist gravity (as many of them do in their first few lessons), something incredibly special takes place when you learn to relinquish your control and just give in to those forces that pull us. It really is a magical experience. When life gives you cold weather and tons of snow for half the year, might as well make some amazing snowy lemonade ?.” 


Stay tuned for our December People of the Month, where we’ll focus on holiday traditions!

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